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"Your examples were perfect! They were a great starting point to get me thinking about how the questions applied to my life specifically." - Nancy R.

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Unlock Instant Confidence to Attract Clients NOW is specially designed to produce a quick result for coaches looking to increase their confidence, attract clients and grow their business. 

The workbook focuses on confidence at a personal level, how it impacts your business and how to infuse confidence into your mindset and business starting *today*!

Hi! I’m Kalila Bodden, a medical doctor, animal lover, tea enthusiast and Freedom Lifestyle Coach. I work with ambitious, introverted women, helping them start and grow their online coaching business, effortlessly attract ideal clients and design their freedom lifestyle.  

Supporting women in going from self-doubt to beautiful confidence is my specialty! Helping you create an online coaching business that creates your dream life of freedom, wellness and travel is what I’m all about.  

Having solid confidence in yourself, your skills and your wonderful future is the *essential* first step for getting clients, making bank with your biz and creating your beautiful life.

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What others had to say about the Unlock Instant Confidence Workbook:  

"Every question is meaningful to achieve the stated goal - instant confidence!"  

"I have a lot to be proud of and confident about!"  

"I loved the reflective questions with YOUR own answers provided as example."  

My biggest takeaway was that we DO have the confidence and ability to make our dreams a reality!"  

The most helpful was "identifying what is holding me back and what I can do to start making changes."

"It was easy to see the progression you were taking with the questions. Very fluid."  

"My biggest takeaway is the power of confidence."

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